make sparkle pictures
Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro 5.1

Developer HDRsoft Sarl

Interesting image editor to make your photos look more natural using HDR.

Picture Resizer

Picture Resizer 3.3

Developer The Professional Developer

Picture Resizer Pro allows you to make your pictures smaller or larger.


ColorCastFX 1.0

Developer Mediachance

Free tool to enhance and correct the color cast of your digital photos.

Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Antechinus JavaScript Editor 13.1

Developer C Point

Antechinus JavaScript Editor is an Integrated Development Environment.


Make Sparkle Pictures



Developer AB Utilitys for your PC

Can help you to make a pictures, music, html, archive gallery at the web.

Web Pictures Downloader

Web Pictures Downloader 3.3

Developer Keronsoft

It is designed for downloading and presenting images from the web galleries.

Panorama Perfect Lite

Panorama Perfect Lite 1.6

Developer Michal Pohanka

Panorama Perfect enables to make large sized panoramic pictures and edits them.

muvee photoMemories stylePack

muvee photoMemories stylePack 6.0

Developer muvee Technologies

A stylepack to bring back you memorable pictures back to life.

ArcSoft Greeting Card Creator (Shared Components)

ArcSoft Greeting Card Creator (Shared Components) 2.6

Developer ArcSoft

A basic simple program to make greeting cards using your pictures.

Mobile Buddy

Mobile Buddy 1.4

Developer Engelmann Media GmbH

Mobile Buddy - Make ringtones and pictures for your mobile phone.

Grey Olltwit's Jigsaw Maker

Grey Olltwit's Jigsaw Maker 2.2

Developer Grey Olltwit Educational Software

Make your own 15 and 24 piece jigsaws from your own pictures on your computer.

Composite Maker

Composite Maker 1.0

Developer LTS

This tool creates 4 in 1 composite pictures from 4 pictures.

Netlog Uploader

Netlog Uploader 1.1

Developer Netlog

Netlog wants to make it as easy as possible to upload pictures and videos.

Grey Olltwit's Picture Pairs

Grey Olltwit's Picture Pairs 2.5

Developer Grey Olltwit Educational Software

A fun, addictive game to help with improving memory skills.


Make Sparkle Pictures

Image Master 2000

Image Master 2000 3.5

Developer Accidental Software

Make your own screen saver or slide show viewer with your pictures.

Make Time To Make Money

Make Time To Make Money 1.0

Developer SED

MAC OS X User Account Pictures Default Pictures

MAC OS X User Account Pictures Default Pictures

Developer OnePiece Albania


Kibup 0.8

Developer Kibisoft, Inc.

Kibup allows you to make backups of your pictures, music, videos.


AutoTrafficSystemX 1.0

Developer Auto Traffic System X

This software helps you make money online with your own automated website.

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Developer Autodesk

Sparkle of Summer

Sparkle of Summer 1.0

Developer Brand Thunder

Lytro Desktop

Lytro Desktop 5.0

Developer Lytro, Inc.

This program lets you create animated 2D and 3D photos.

ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory

ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory 3.5

Developer ThunderSoft

Easy-to-use software package that lets you make slideshow from your pictures and videos!

Energy Analyze

Energy Analyze 1.0

Developer Fluke Corporation, USA

Fluke Energy Analyze is software that supports the Fluke 1730 Energy Logger.

Sparkle White CD1

Sparkle White CD1 4.1

Developer Anglo Digital